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The Hush, Episode 1 Review, in one phrase – Ground breaking!

But first, some brickbats 🙂

There was not a single likeable person among the ensemble characters, likeable as in “nice”, in the opening episode. Second, many of the primary characters seem to have some sort of personal demon. Where is the nice guy; the funny person who punctuates the heavy drag with his/her witty observations?

Barring that, the characters generally lived up to their official “character bios”. Well done!

There were several flashes of brilliance – thanks to shrewd scripting, directing and talented cast. There were also a few instances that might do better with fact/reality checking.

What was ground-breaking in The Hush?

Screen grab - MediaCorp Toggle Channel 5

Screen grab – MediaCorp Toggle Channel 5

At about 36 minutes into the show, audiences witnessed a tender scene between Jeremy Kumar and Yen Leng. This is ground breaking as it is the first time (that I know of) a local Singapore drama series has aired a kissing scene involving a Chinese-Indian couple. And after 50 years of “one-people, one-nation” – about time too!

This was no quickie peck-on-the-cheek. It was the real lingering thing. To their credit as professional artistes, Jitenram Kiran Bala and Esther Low displayed no inhibition and came across as a genuine couple.

Kudos to MediaCorp, Lee Thean-Jeen (Executive Producer/Director/Scriptwriter) and to Esther Low and Jit Bala.

This has been a “quickie” review on my part.

Over the next two days, I’ll upload parts 2 and 3 covering the good and the could-be-better about this, Episode 1 of The Hush.

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Updated 4 December 2016 > it took some time for the word to get around but now we have an update on “first screen kiss” >>> lifted off Facebook. Thank you Pawan Singh:

Pavan J Singh
Pavan J Singh Congrats, but I’m not sure that’s accurate… I kissed Glory Cen on the TV show What Do Men Want by Banana Mana Films (Jason Chan and Christian Lee) which aired on Channel 5 a couple of years ago….?