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New English drama series: PI debuts 9 January 2017 at 10.00 pm on Channel 5, MediaCorp, Singapore.

Though I’m an incorrigible optimist, I suspect PI will be a dud similar to Hush.


Image source: MediaCorp|Channel 5|Toggle

Genre: Drama

Series Synopsis? [What a laugh!]

In a desperate search for her missing husband, a woman comes to Singapore and gets entwined in a tale of lies and deceit as she engages the service of a bogus Private Investigator who runs an agency that takes on cases which can only be resolved discreetly. P.I. is all about hunting, searching and uncovering the truth that may be false, white that can turn black and black goes to grey. A Christine Yeoh comes to Singapore in search of her missing husband, Sam Ong. She engages Donny Lai, thinking he’s a private eye. Little does she know that Donny Lai is a con man. Donny sets up a temporary office and also assembles a motley crew almost overnight. The crew comprises of Bruno (the muscle), Rabbit Warrior (the hacker), Mozzie (the informer) and Maia (the seductress). Donny names the gig ‘The Honest Agency’. Donny thinks that locating Christine’s husband would be an easy assignment. With dead informant, unknown enemies and loads of danger coming towards his direction, Donny is in for the ride of his life. Besides searching for the missing Sam Ong, the agency also entertains other cases from their uncanny clients. From the CEO’s maid who moonlights as a ‘service provider’ for adventurous old men to actress asking for help from internet trolls, The Honest Agency takes them all. (222 words)

Series Synopsis – Source Toggle/Channel 5/Media Corp

[I wonder when, if ever, MediaCorp will engage the services of synopsis writers/editors.]

Here is my synopsis:

CHRISTINE YEOH comes to Singapore in search of her missing husband, SAM ONG. She engages DONNY LAI, private eye. Only, Donny is not a private eye but a con artiste who immediately establishes a bogus outfit called The Honest Agency. Donny assembles a team: BRUNO, ex-con and muscle; RABBIT WARRIOR, hacker and Donny’s niece; MOZZIE, underworld informer and Donny’s friend; and MAIA, single-mother and sex-bait.

Donny reckons that locating Christine’s husband would be a cinch but soon finds himself over his head as he contends with mysterious enemies, danger and death. Besides searching for the missing Sam Ong, the agency also takes on other cases: from a maid who moonlights as a call-girl to an actress who needs help from internet trolls.

[Did I miss anything? And, in 122 words to boot.]

Character Bios

[Character bios should not let the cats, the dogs and the mothers-in-law out of the bag. But these are the official briefs – verbatim – from MediaCorp’s website.

Therefore, beware >>> Spoiler alert!]

Carl Ng as Donny Lai > Swinging single, playboy type with rugged looks, Donny is a just-out-of-prison con man with a huge debt to clear. So when Christine, a beautiful young and most importantly, rich woman engaged him to find her missing husband, Donny started “The Honest Agency”, a not-too-honest private investigating firm.

Vanessa Vanderstraaten as Christine Ong > Christine is an attractive yet seemingly vulnerable woman who is desperate to find her missing husband. But Donny soon discovers that she is much more than a damsel-in-distress. Behind her entitled and helpless demeanour, her motive to look for her husband might be more than just for a reunion.

Karylle as Maia > Self-confident Maia works as a pole dancer and part-times at a PI agency as a “bait” to lure unfaithful spouses out. Yet, she is also a young and loving single mother to her 9-year-old son. She believes running The Honest Agency with Donny is her chance to break out of her current predicament.

Kathiravan as Mozzie > Taking odd jobs like debt-collector and deliveryman, Mozzie knows everyone in the criminal underworld. This proves very useful for Donny and The Honest Agency. While he always likes to wind Donny up, he is someone that Donny can rely on out of old friendship sake and mutual respect.

Joyce Ng as Rabbit Warrior > A traumatic car crash took away Rabbit Warrior’s parents and left her wheelchair-bound. Always moody and rude to her uncle Donny, she prefers interacting with computers rather than real people. By paying her $50 for her hacking work each time, Donny can gain access to any device and network.

Najib Soiman as Bruno > All brawny and battered, Bruno proves to be very useful for Donny’s trouble-laden private investigating work. Having had bad experience working under a discriminating boss due to his criminal past, working in The Honest Agency has let Bruno found an unprecedented sense of purpose and belonging.

Shane Mardjuki as Sam Ong > Sam is a childhood friend to Donny and the missing husband of Christine. He has mysteriously disappeared from Christine’s life after a big fire in their Kuala Lumper house. Yet when Donny finally tracks him down, his disappearance and what he did to Christine seem justifiable as well.

[Please MediaCorp, employ an editor to sort out the primary six English! For a channel that produces English drama – you need to get the basics right.]

[And while you’re at it, get someone who knows what a character bio is… Hint! It’s not a vehicle for you to rehash the synopsis]


Notwithstanding the first impressions, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and shall watch the pilot when it debuts on 9 Jan 2017 10:00 pm over Channel 5.

Look out for my Review…