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Summary: Episode 1, the pilot episode of PI – sucks! But first…

Much of the camera work was professional and with great sound track too – well done! In fact, the only thing going for PI were all from the crew.

Catchy opening credits – nice! Cinematic aerial footage – drones at work (?) – Good job and of course the spectacular Singapore skyline gave it an added boost. All in all, excellent – comparable to anything from Hollywood. Great behind-the-camera artists.

Acting was ordinary – quite a disappointment.

Usually, the talents come through, they always do – in spite of the script and direction – but not in PI. The Hush’s scripts – at least episodes 1 & 2 that I watched before throwing up my arms – were rubbish, but most of the actors came through alright. There was sustained brilliance in acting.

In PI, all the actors were not bad and only ‘okay’ – nothing to entice me back to episode 2.

Carl Ng, as Donny Lai, was particularly lagging and I really cannot figure out why. He has the rugged good looks and all, but was simply unable to pull off his character. Were the scriptwriters and director expecting too much, should they have cast a chameleon instead? Is he supposed to be witty? The wit was simply not in the lines and were delivered off-key, so to speak. Was he supposed to be a petty crook – swiping drinks from a convenience store and doing an Ethan Hunt with his pilfering of clothes and all? If he is supposed to be an anti-hero, he is lacking the darkness. I could not invest in his character – could not even dislike Donny Lai. I know I’m not supposed to dislike him – but what is there to like? Give me Inspector Koh from The Hush anytime – at least, it was easy to dislike that character!

I would love to review the script because I think that’s where the problems lie – pot-holed.

I’m not going into the story because it had all the hallmarks of MediaCorp’s mediocre imprint – in the plot as well as character backstories.

I can provide a detailed breakdown but that will run into pages… Here are a few comments. Click the images below.

It would seem the movies TAKEN and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE | GHOST PROTOCOL had given the scriptwriters some inspiration.

Click the image below for the short video…


Okay, another hyped up Channel 5 drama to skip… better things to do with my time.

At least they still have The Noose and some great documentaries. I caught the first few episodes of Tanglin – long overdue, I know, but it is pretty decent.